• More than 45 years of Enterprise Products, Sales & Marketing
  • Understand technology & business applications
  • Enterprise Customers & Partners Connect
  • Cost effective with better ROI
  • Knowledge of buying process for different segments
  • Program based Marketing
  • Outsource marketing & focus on core business
  • Alignment of OEM-partner-alliance-consultant-End-user ecosystem
  • Experience in selling IT solutions-Infrastructure, software, services
  • Customer touch across segments and knowledge of partners across India


ANVESAK-bringing Marketing Value to Clients

Today, with tight economy and budget constraints, Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) is the key for any successful Marketing and Sales Campaign. Gone were the days where one could afford to spray advertisement money and prey. The “Feel Good” factor is gone and every marketing dollar/rupee is spent needs to give a maximum returns. Whether it a start-up or a small company or a large MNC/Conglomerate.

Also, while managing large customer accounts and due to monthly/ quarter sales pressure, a sales person or an account manager, does not have bandwidth to cover the accounts and thereby loses opportunity and customer’s Share of Wallet (SOW). While a sales manager managing a territory frequently faces challenges on Total Addressable Market (TAM). Selling to government, whether State or Central, one needs to know the procurement processes for Tender/RFPs and current & upcoming Projects.

Having managed sales and marketing for different vertical segments, regions and both enterprise and commercial customers across India for last three decades, we at ANVESAK are here to share our experiences with our clients. We understand customers’ business needs and how IT could align with business. We also know that why post- sales support is so important to retain our clientele base.

We are ready to service our clients:

“We’re your marketing department if you don’t have one. More win power if you do.” We have the capabilities to handle all of your marketing, or just a part of it—including Research and Strategy, Planning and Management, and Creative Execution.When you outsource your marketing, you get the perspective of outside specialists with the integration of an in-house team. We’re a partner who can turn strategy into a practical and affordable plan. A seasoned team is ready to seamlessly implement all of your marketing.