Have undertaken similar projects.
Currently a successful Project running for an engineering software Company
Developed and implemented its bespoke application software called:
Planning, strategizing and timely execution of programs/projects
Start with India and extend to APAC countries


Talent Acquisition Challenges:

Demand for screen and evaluated manpower specially in the technology and services domains.
According to Industry sources, 90% of the channel partners, SIs, struggle to acquire talent.
Same problem faced by all Global support, delivery, and services entities.
Cost of formal methods of acquisition very high.
Majority of smaller companies do not have a hiring team.
For Channel Partners selling specialized Technical/Niche products, their hiring needs are more challenging.
Demand exists for both experienced and qualified but fresh candidates.


  • For Students & Fresher:
  • Campus (Low Placement Success)
  • Portals (one size fits all)
  • References
  • For Partners, Channel & Service Providers:
  • Invest in in-house hiring team (manpower cost, portal cost)
  • Use agencies (most don’t have budgets to hire good agencies)
  • Campus (time consuming, large geography)


Anvesak will set up PRAIBHA PMD (Partner Management Desk) at its premises.
The PMD will be manned by Talent Acquisition Specialist (s) resources and managed by an experienced Project/Operations Manager.
PMD will interface with the Partner Owner and CEOs, understand their current manpower needs and future plans.
Utilizing SAYVAAs customized data bases and contacts lists, Job Boards/Portals, PMD team will identify/search/screen relevant talent for the partners in sales, presales and/or support functions.
PMD will also asses the fitment using a mix of assessment tests and interviews.
The CVs of candidates who clear the screening will be shared with the Partner Owners and interaction/interviews will be coordinated and arranged.
PMD will work closely with Channel Partners to finalize candidates offer negotiations, closure and on-boarding.

TAP PMD responsibilities include (depending on the Scope)

  • Setting up and managing the PMD systems processes
  • Ensuring quality of calls and interaction standards are as per guidelines
  • Creating JD templates for Sales, Presales and Marketing roles
  • Work with the client to keep the assessment tests up-to-date.
  • Manage the job postings and application tracking
  • Submit weekly ,monthly and quarterly reports of “work in progress”
  • Manage the database of qualified candidates who apply for the posted positions
  • Ensure that candidates from within Client’s partner community are not poached.
  • Once data base reaches a significant size with proper tagging, will be a good information depository which will significantly shorten the hiring process.
  • Ensure at any one point of time same candidate is not processed for similar role with multiple partners
  • Keep track of candidates who are no-shows, has adverse feedback, last minute drop outs, to ensure that they are not entertained in the future.
  • Periodically contact the Partner organization to gather feedback on the quality of people hired thru the PMD process